Crosswords Limited

Enterprise Code: 050906701
Tax Identification Number: 500003603
Initial Registration Date: 7 Mar 2007
Type of Business: Business Corporation
Contact Person: Sujit Das
Contact Person Title: Administration Manager
Business Phone 1: 0886736167
Business Phone 2: 0886557123
Business Phone 3: 0886711677
Business Email 1: Email
Website Address: Website Address
Physical Address: UN Drive & Randall Streets, 1st Floor, ATC Building, (Opposite Stella Maris Polytechnic), Monrovia
County(ies) of Operation:
  • Montserrado
Business Registration Certificate Expires: 05 Mar 2022
Social Security Clearance Expires: 17 Jan 2016
LRA Tax Clearance Expires: 26 Jan 2022
SBA Eligibility: Not Eligible