This class includes:
——decaffeinating and roasting of coffee
——production of coffee products: ground coffee, soluble coffee, extracts and concentrates of coffee
——manufacture of coffee substitutes
——blending of tea and maté
——manufacture of extracts and preparations based on tea or maté
——manufacture of soups and broths
——manufacture of special foods, such as: infant formula, follow up milks and other follow up foods, baby foods, foods containing homogenized ingredients
——manufacture of spices, sauces and condiments: mayonnaise, mustard flour and meal, prepared mustard etc.
——manufacture of vinegar
——manufacture of artificial honey and caramel
——manufacture of perishable prepared foods, such as: sandwiches, fresh (uncooked) pizza

This class also includes:
——manufacture of herb infusions (mint, vervain, chamomile etc.)
——manufacture of yeast
——manufacture of extracts and juices of meat, fish, crustaceans or molluscs
——manufacture of non-dairy milk and cheese substitutes
——manufacture of egg products, egg albumin
——processing of salt into food-grade salt, e.g. iodized salt
——manufacture of artificial concentrates

This class excludes:
——growing of spice crops, see 0128
——manufacture of inulin, see 1062
——manufacture of perishable prepared foods of fruit and vegetables (e.g. salads, peeled vegetables, bean curd), see 1030
——manufacture of frozen pizza, see 1075
——manufacture of spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks, see division 11
——preparation of botanical products for pharmaceutical use, see 2100