This section contains information about procurement contracts above 100,000 USD approved by PPCC for award since July 1, 2016.

In order to see the contracts approved for a specific entity, do one of the following:

  1. Click on the letter corresponding to the name of the entity in the alpha listing above and find your entity of choice in the listing; or
  2. Click on the "Search" link above and then on the "Extended Search" button to filter the list. Select the entity from the "Agency" pull-down list and click the green "Start Search" button. You can also filter the list on the other parameters shown.

Please note that all amounts indicated are in United States dollars and that dates are in the mm/dd/yyyy format.

NameProcuring EntityContract PackageContracted CompanyAmountFiscal YearPPCC Approval Date
Liberia Telecommunications AuthorityLiberia Telecommunications AuthorityVehicle Insurance CoverageActiva International Insurance Liberia Ltd.186,051.00FY16/1708/11/2016
Liberia Revenue AuthorityLiberia Revenue AuthorityLife InsuranceActiva International Insurance Liberia Ltd.6,750.00 on a monthly basisFY18/1909/21/2018
Liberia Board of Nursing & MidwiferyLiberia Board for Nursing & MidwiferyConstruction of office buildingADI Contractors, Inc.566,582.45FY18/1910/24/2018
National Elections CommissionNational Elections CommissionSupply of VehiclesAfrica Motors Corporation759,000FY16/1711/18/2016
Liberia Petroleum Refining CompanyLiberia Petroleum Refining CompanySupply & Delivery of Fire TruckAfrica Motors Corporation435,500FY16/1712/27/2016
Ministry of JusticeMinistry of JusticeRepair and Maintenance ServicesAfrica Motors Corporation433,431.00FY17/1806/07/2017
Ministry of Public WorksMinistry of Public WorksGrading and shaping of non-existing roadAfrique Construction & Maintenance Company (ACMC)936,843.79FY16/1708/25/2016
Ministry of National DefenseMinistry of National DefensePetroleum ProductsAminata and Sons, Inc.1,179,073.58FY16/1705/07/2017
National Transit AuthorityNational Transit AuthorityPetroleum ProductsAminata and Sons, Inc.1,079,436.63FY16/1707/21/2016
Liberia National PoliceLiberia National PolicePetroleum ProductsAminata and Sons, Inc.1,020,133FY16/1707/29/2016
Office of the Vice PresidentOffice of the Vice PresidentPetroleum ProductsAminata and Sons, Inc.165,984.00FY16/1708/11/2016
Liberia Telecommunications AuthorityLiberia Telecommunications AuthorityPetroleum ProductsAminata and Sons, Inc.259,959.96FY16/1708/11/2016
National Elections CommissionNational Elections CommissionPetroleum ProductsAminata and Sons, Inc.240,000.00FY16/1708/25/2016
National Police AcademyNational Police Training AcademyPetroleum ProductsAminata and Sons, Inc.169,999.92FY16/1710/13/2016
House of SenateHouse of SenatePetroleum ProductsAminata and Sons, Inc.1,474,436.85FY16/1711/16/2016