This is the new online document repository of the Public Procurement & Concessions Commission. The documents in this section are classified as Guides, Legal Documents (including laws and regulations), Policies & Strategies, Reports, and Templates and Forms.

The Guides category contains tutorials, instructions and other guides for various aspects of the public procurement process such as the tutorial on how to use the Online Vendors Database, the guide on implementing framework agreements and advance procurement, etc.

The Legal Documents category contains laws and regulations such as the Public Procurement and Concessions Act of 2010 and its accompanying regulations, enacted national budgets, etc.

The Policies & Strategies category contains policy documents, strategic documents, plans, concepts, etc. such as the framework for professionalizing the procurement profession in Liberia, etc.

The Reports category contains regular periodic reports such as quarterly reports and publications, annual reports, spot analysis reports such as status updates on the vendors registration and implementation of the Small Business Empowerment Act, and other relevant reports, etc.

The Templates & Forms category contains various standard templates for the public procurement system in Liberia such as the standard bidding document templates, etc., and various forms such as the vendors registration from, etc.