This class includes:
——manufacture of wooden goods intended to be used primarily in the construction industry: beams, rafters, roof struts; glue-laminated or metal connected prefabricated wooden roof trusses; doors, windows, shutters and their frames, whether or not containing metal fittings, such as hinges, locks etc.; stairs, railings; wooden beadings and mouldings, shingles and shakes; parquet floor blocks, strips etc., assembled into panels
——manufacture of prefabricated buildings, or elements thereof, predominantly of wood
——manufacture of mobile homes
——manufacture of wood partitions (except free standing)

This class excludes:
——manufacture of unassembled wooden flooring, see 1610
——manufacture of kitchen cabinets, bookcases, wardrobes etc., see 3100
——manufacture of wood partitions, free standing, see 3100