This section displays contract packages contained in the procurement plans from various government agencies that have been approved by PPCC. This initiative started in FY 2018/2019 as part of PPCC's efforts to move toward open data and is intended to provide more granular information on items being procured by government agencies. It provides stakeholders with the ability to easily find information on specific contract packages of interest across the entire government. 

The listing can be filtered on the following parameters: Procurement Type (Goods, Works, Consulting Services, and Non-Consulting Services), Agency Name, Procurement Method, Classification (SBA or Non SBA), Funding Source, Contract Package, Estimated Cost, and PPCC Approval Date.

To filter the listing, do the following:

  1. Click on the "Search" link above.
  2. On the search screen, click on the "Extended Search" button.
  3. Choose your search parameters by clicking on the available pull-down menus and by filling in your desired dates.
  4. Click on the green "Start Search" button at the top and wait for your filtered result(s).

You can also view all contract packages for a particular agency by doing one of the following:

  1. Click on the letter in the alpha links above corresponding to the first letter of the agency name and find your agency of interest among the result; or
  2. Click the "Search" link above; type the name of the agency into the "Search Keywords" input entry field; and click the green "Start Search" button and wait for your search result.

Please note that amounts indicated are in US dollars and that SBA stands for Small Business Empowerment Act.

NameContract PackageProcurement MethodFiscal YearClassificationQuantityEstimated CostApproval Date
Drug Enforcement AgencyRepairs & Maintenance - VehiclesRFQ2018/2019SBA1 firm319210/04/2018
Drug Enforcement AgencySoftware and licensesRFQ2018/2019Non SBAAssorted600010/04/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyPetroleum Products (Diesel & Gasoline)RB2018/2019SBA24059 gal11905110/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyRepairs & Maintenance - VehiclesNCB2018/2019SBA12 pcs2100010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyMotorbikes Repairs and Maintenance ServicesNCB2018/2019SBA30 pcs2500010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyInsurance Coverage - Comprehensive Vehicle RFQ2018/2019SBA1 Firm200010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyCatering ServicesRFQ2018/2019SBAAssorted990010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyHall RentalRFQ2018/2019SBAAssorted500010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyAir TicketsRFQ2018/2019SBAAssorted100010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyCleaning MaterialsNCB2018/2019SBAAssorted2545010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyScratch CardsRB2018/2019SBA23801190010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyPrinting & Binding ServicesNCB2018/2019Non SBAAssorted3710010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyVehiclesRB2018/2019Non SBA5 pcs17500010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyStationeryNCB2018/2019Non SBAAssorted3185010/09/2018
Environmental Protection AgencyComputersNCB2018/2019Non SBA19 pcs3665010/09/2018