This section contains all procurement plans from various government agencies that have been approved by PPCC to date. This initiative was launched in FY 2015/2016, so procurement plans listed are those approved since that time.

In order to see the procurement plans approved for a specific entity, do one of the following

  1. Click on the letter corresponding to the name of the entity in the alpha listing above and find your entity of choice in the listing or
  2. Click on the "Search" link above and then on the "Extended Search" button to filter the list. Select the entity from the "Name of Entity" pull-down list and click the green "Start Search" button. You can also filter the list on the other parameters shown.

Please note that amounts indicated are in US dollars and that SBA stands for Small Business Empowerment Act.

NamePlan TypeFiscal YearClassificationAmountFunding SourceApproval TypeApproval DateDownload
Governance CommissionGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA67,602Core Budget03/07/2016application/pdf
Cuttington UniversityGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2016/2017SBA300,000.00Core BudgetProvisional09/23/2016application/pdf
Cuttington UniversityGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2016/2017SBA185,000.00Core BudgetProvisional10/06/2016application/pdf
Cuttington UniversityGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2016/2017SBA378,876.00Core BudgetFinal04/17/2017application/pdf
Governance CommissionGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2017/2018SBA115,700.00Core BudgetProvisional06/15/2017application/pdf
Ministry of State for Presidential AffairsGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$1,206,200Core Budget10/29/2015application/pdf
Ministry of Internal AffairsGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$297,500Core Budget11/16/2015application/pdf
Ministry of National DefenseGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$3,131,480Core Budget11/18/2015application/pdf
Ministry of JusticeGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$474,122Core Budget11/09/2015application/pdf
Ministry of LaborGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$197,550Core Budget11/03/2015application/pdf
National Bureau of ConcessionsGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$51,081Core Budget10/06/2015application/pdf
National Housing AuthorityGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$817,244Combined GOL Budget & Internally Generated10/06/2015application/pdf
National Investment CommissionGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$59,496Core Budget11/26/2015application/pdf
National Port AuthorityGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$6,519,095Internally Generated11/27/2015application/pdf
Ministry of EducationGoods, Works, & Non-Consulting Services2015/2016SBA$1,435,488Core Budget11/09/2015application/pdf